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Stars Pilar Orive and Isabel Libossart. Concealed in the depths of the South American jungle is a place of suffering despair, a dark and isolated castle that is enclosed by thick swampland. The castle serves as a prison operated for the cruel likings of rich aristocrats. When a beautiful American tourist named Janet is arrested and locked up for a crime she did not commit, she quickly must endure the wrath of the wicked superintendent, where she ends up humiliated in the prison.. Directed by Leandro Lucchetti.

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Caged Women in Purgatory

Release Year 1991

Run Time 87 Minutes

Rhivid Rating 9.5/10

Caged Women in Purgatory Rated NC-17
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Caged Women in Purgatory Movie Cast & Credits


Pilar Orive
Isabel Libossart
Elena Wiedermann
Christian Lorenz
Gaetano Russo
Aldo Sambrell
Catia Castello Branco
Rita Prospero
Ezilda Coelho
Edith Fernandes
Elsa Alves
Rosa Trindade
Fernanda Rico
Celeste Tabares
Margarita Galvesas


Leandro Lucchetti


Diego Gómez Sempere

executive producers

Diego Gómez Sempere

Horror, Cult, Foreign
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