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Stars Lucia Bose and Maurizio Esposito. The story is set in Milan, where Mamma, is a Silician widow who makes money as a psychic, but she really does not have any supernatural powers at all. Instead, her son possesses mystical characteristics and becomes a powerful sorcerer with the help of his mother. However, he does not understand his actual strength on the inside and releases unrestrained energy that leads people around him to go insane.........Italian:. Directed by Giulio Questi.

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Release Year 1972

Run Time 102 Minutes

Rhivid Rating 9.5/10

Arcana Rated NR
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Arcana Movie Cast & Credits


Lucia Bose
Maurizio Esposito
Tina Aumont
Renato Paracchi
Gianfranco Pozzi
Giovanni Ricci
Dario Vigano


Giulio Questi


Gaspare Palumbo

Cult, Horror, Foreign, Drama & Suspense
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